Coronado Waterfront Wedding

12 03 2012

Coronado Island is a small island right next to downtown San Diego. Its charming and gorgeous, its a bit removed from the OC & LA area but we think it was worth the drive. Obviously there are numerous hotels and venue sites which can accommodate weddings but this wedding was actually held at the City of Coronado Community Center which admittedly at first sounded like it was going to be not such a great place, on paper anyhow. Let us explain, first off what do you typically imagine when you hear Community Center; sports, loud children, old furnishings, smelly carpet, and the list goes on. Well to our surprise this community center was none of those. Lets start with the location, ITS ON THE WATER! That’s right you have gorgeous views of the bays and sailboats from just about every angle in the place. The building itself is contemporary, well maintained, and uses great finishes and even has great lighting control which allows you to completely set the perfect mood with the use of ambient decor lighting (up-lights – not provided by venue). They even have a matt finish all black dance floor, no ugly scuffed parquet dance floor, this gives the room a nice contemporary feel. They also have a lovely courtyard to host a cocktail hour with water views as well

Don’t get too excited just yet because there are a few minor cons to these wonderful pros. For the drawbacks; you have to bring everything in, and we mean EVERYTHING! With the exception of tables and chairs (which unless covered completely in linens we would not recommend) the venue doesn’t provide much else. They do have a kitchen but they do not have any staff for the kitchen, so be sure to pick a catering company who can also provide a great, helpful and friendly staff. You will need your own bartenders and alcohol. You will also be required to hire security, and they are strict on time and schedules. We arrived early for set up and had to wait outside for 30 minutes before we were allowed access to the venue, even though there was nothing going on prior to us coming in. Since there is no staff you have to rely on either an event planner to hire the details or DIY and contact every vendor individually and set all the details up personally.

Its a great venue if you have an event planner though. If you do not have an event planner we would recommend you have plenty of spare time and patience and get referrals from the vendors you have already hired. We had to fill in a few roles that fell outside our normal scope of work for this event due to the lack of staff to ensure everyone knew what was going on and knew what to do and where to go upon arrival. We didn’t mind doing it but if we weren’t there and hadn’t taken the initiative to play the role of welcoming host, the guests would have been confused and clueless as to what was going on, how to find their seat etc. On that note you need to be sure to have enough people to properly run an event here smoothly and without a hitch.

So our recommendation: This venue is great with the right staff. If you are not in the market for an event planner and are not great at DIY and don’t want to deal with hiring and securing every vendor for your wedding than this probably isn’t the best venue for you. But if you have an event planner this venue may be able to save you money on the venue fees and provide you with absolute flexibility on who you have for catering etc.

Until next time here’s to yet another successful weekend and another happy new couple. Thank you and congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Burke for allowing us to play such a key role on such an important day in your lives.

Premiere Events Group,

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