Packed Full of Fun…

28 03 2012

Whether you realize it or not the entertainment you choose for your event can make or break the night! Some emcees sound uncomfortable or shy when they address the crowd making it hard to hear or understand leaving the guests confused or lost. Some sound forced and over the top making a “voice” thinking its what they are “supposed to do” and are just out right corny or cheesy, quoting tired line after line. Others won’t stop talking and completely steal the lime light from the guests of honor and do not let the guests enjoy each others company or they create an atmosphere where conversation is difficult and therefore less people create bonds or form meaningful and lasting conversations.

Then there is us, stylish, polished, natural and easygoing. We facilitate the flow, direct the guests so no one is lost about what is going on or what is coming next and we address each event accordingly. There is a time to be upbeat, inject light humor or speak formally, it really depends on who’s and what type of event it is. That’s why we cover all these points far before the actual event date in the planning phase.

You really have to choose wisely, there are many vendors out there just looking to pump out the numbers and take as many events as possible so they get bookings and send untrained, unprofessional rookies to “practice” on peoples actual events. Luckily we have done much of the choosing for you, we have selected only an elite and select number of DJ/Emcees who will amaze each and every time they go out on an event. We do not have “tiers” of entertainers who go from bad to worse, we are all on a level playing filed and have equal abilities when it comes to DJing. 

When it comes time for the real fun to begin, well that’s when we truly shine! No one can rock a packed dance floor like Premiere Events Group. That’s our specialty, reading the dance floor, mixing it up, playing the right songs for the right crowds. There is no need for us to resort to useless banter to try and get a dance floor going, we simply play the best music and what happens next is natural fun! People will just gravitate towards the dance floor because that’s where the real party is. The guests will be rushing to the dance floor to dance to the best hits of today, yesterday and even the mashed eras remixes. That is where we shine, that is our space, that is our comfort zone! Seamless, non stop music blends that incorporate a wide variety of tastes and of course all the requested music you can handle that is unless the crowd isn’t felling it, well then its time to transition out smoothly to the next big hit! 

We are the real mix DJ company, we do not have the game show host copy cats, we do not have the prop clown antics! We simply play the best music at the perfect moment and the rest is organic fun! People love us because we are understated and deliver fun each and every time. 

But don’t take our word for it, come to one of our public shows or read our 5 Star Reviews and you can hear it directly from the mouth of numerous past customers. Your satisfaction and successful event is priority number one, regardless of what music we like! Every crowd is different and every one has different tastes that’s why its imperative to have someone who knows all types of music.

We hope to see you in the future and until then here’s to the best music on earth, your music! 

Congratulations to our newest couples Mr & Mrs Peters, Mr & Mrs Choice, Mr & Mrs Loera, Mr & Mrs Troncale. We wish you nothing but the best.

Premiere Events Group,

Bringing you the soundtrack to life




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